Fishing equiment

Fishing equipment consists of 80 W Tiagra’s, Abu Carcia 50lbs reels, Okuma 50TLs and there is a choice of a great range of lures. For casting, please bring your own favourite gear. Many Blue fin travelly have been caught from the jetty at SB Bar.

Poppering has produced Giant Travelly to 60 lbs, light lure casting has accounted for Spottail Bass up to 25 lbs. Jigging heavy metal has done well on a variety of fish including Dog Tooth Tuna and Yellow Fin Tuna to 28 kgs. Much bigger fish have been hooked jigging but have proved unstoppable on the lighter tackle.

Trolling has accounted for Marlin to 320 kgs, Sailfish to 68 kgs and Yellow Fin to 72 kgs amongst the bigger pelagic. Closer in, Spanish Mackerel, Dog Tooth Tuna and Great Barracuda to 20 kgs are regular catches.

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