Flooding and subsequent civil unrest in Honiara

Business as usual at Sanbis Resort. We are located around 400km North West of Honiara. We have had heavy rain but luckily – all is – as always was. Anyone visiting Sanbis Resort should try to get a direct domestic connection to Gizo from the International airport in Honiara to avoid having to overnight in Honiara.

Regarding the recent unrest (on Friday 16th May) by young boys in the Eastern end of Honiara  - It cannot be taken too seriously and ABC News in Australia seems to have run out of other shocking or “interesting news” at the time and has blown the trouble out of proportion – (I guess since Malaysian Airlines flight 370 rescue has gone quiet and Ukraine troubles have moved a little into the background…). It seems that some unfair distribution of aid monies after the floods has incited the reaction by the youths to express their anger about the authorities in charge of a supposed fair distribution of flood relief assets. Honiara is and will be a trouble spot as many kids are visiting the urban area in their hope to find jobs – but opportunities are a very few and far between! Honiara will never be the same as the out of control Port Moresby (PNG) with terrible crimes happening on a daily basis and Melanesian people in the Solomons are as a rule the most friendly people one can imagine. Particularly the Western Province, where we are, has no ethnic issues like there exists between Guadalcanal and Malaita. We were known to be the “Happy Isles” – which is still very much the case in the beautiful Western Province!

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