Relax or be active


You do not need to take part in any activities – you can choose to simply relax… However, if you feel like being active… you won’t be bored.

Not only do we offer day trips but we can arrange a guided adventure trip for our guests to the famous Arnavon Islands, visit the Japanese abandoned WWII airstrip (on Balalai Island near Bougainville) in the Shortland Islands, or camp at the Paraso Volcanic area.


Skull Island Day trip

A leisurely boat trip through the beautiful Vona Vona Lagoon. This is a full day boat trip, packed with wonders and tranquillity. The boat cruise takes you through the peaceful waters of the spectacular, island studded Vona Vona lagoon.

You feel as if you’ve traveled back in time to the headhunting era of the Solomon’s when you reach Skull Island. Skull Island is a sacred island where numerous warrior skulls are placed with shell money, in a stone tomb. A guide will recounter the tales behind the skulls and the graves that can be found there.

After the Skull Island tour we will make a stop for lunch and unwind right on the beach at a small nearby resort on Lola Island.

Simbo Vocano Island Day trip
This is a full day boat cruise to Simbo Island, which is dominated by two young volcanic cones. A two hour walk through jungle, past headhunting shrines and boiling lakes will take you to the top of the Simbo Volcano.
This island is host to the Megapode bird, which lays its eggs into small burrows on the side of the Volcano – No need for nesting! [/column]


World Fish Centre Tour

The World Fish Centre is located a short kayak paddle away from Sanbis Resort (on the same island where the airstrip is). A couple of hours visit to the World fish Centre is an interesting tour and you will gain great knowledge how Clam Shells are produced. Check out how Giant Clams are cultivated and how Coral is grown, destined for the aquarium market.

WorldFish pursues two main thrusts that promise large benefits for the poor across Africa, Asia and the Pacific: 1) More productive and resilient small-scale fisheries; and 2) Expanding sustainable aquaculture.

Snorkeling Day at Olasana Island

Snorkeling is not only fantastic at the in-house reef at Sanbis Resort! Sanbis Resort has a lease on a beautiful nearby island guaranteeing you privacy and a great day out. We have built a small grass hut with a BBQ area where you can get marooned for the day. We pack you a BBQ kit and if you want us to do the cooking for you – we’ll do that too!
There is a fantastic reef with a beautiful white sandy beach.


Relax or be active

Relax or be active

Relax or be active

skull island

Relax or be active

Relax or be active