We are a very eco friendly place

All lighting is solar powered, unlike all other resorts our sewerage is treated and the last stage used in our gardens and as a result our reef is still pristine. Despite being an eco responsible place, all our bungalows have (proper) ceiling fans, which run 24 hours a day (at night time on inverters from the solar system). By following environmental guidelines, we minimize the impact on our aquatic ecosystem whilst contributing to environmental, economic and cultural conservation.

The management and employees of Sanbis Resort have made a total commitment to the environment by way of applying the latest technologies to recycle all waste. The layout of the resort is such, that a minimum amount of trees had to be cut. For every tree cut we planted approximately 5 to replace it. Every effort has been applied to utilise sustainable resources in the building of the resort.

ECO doesn’t mean sacrificing the little luxuries… We have Wireless internet access at the SB Bar (bring your own laptop) and batteries for cameras, computers and the like can be charged anytime at the Resort bar/restaurant or the SB Bar.

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