We are taking Mosquitoes seriously!

Solomon Islands travel advisory points out that Malaria is common. That might be more applicable to urban areas, such as Honiara. Sanbis Resort is in a remote and clean environment.

Even though there has never been a case of Malaria at Sanbis Resort, we’ve recently had the whole resort and surrounding areas sprayed to minimise the breeding of mosquito larva and to kill any existing mosquitoes by Pest Control Experts from the Solomon Islands Malaria Prevention Unit.

This program is repeated on a regular basis to ensure the minimisation of Mosquitoes being able to breed. Potential guests often ask if it is necessary to take preventative antibiotics. Our answer is… if you stay at Sanbis Resort only, you would be extremely unlucky to contract malaria.

The owner of Sanbis Resort has lived here for over 11 years now, wearing cut shirts and shorts and never had malaria.

insect spray

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